Secret Mommy + Filastine

Breakcore and electronica from North America.

Filastine, who, amongst a myriad of other genres, also considers himself to be part of the Bacteria movement. MC Subzero Permafrost and butoh artist d.k. will accompany him in performance.

As far as a band description goes, Secret Mommy wrote this about themselves (herself?):
''As was written upon the stone, "POP WILL EAT ITSELF", and so it has, and proceeded to shit itself all over this humble and unwitting planet. Not that POP is no more, but that the solid rock of virtue it once was, clasped tightly in the hands of the few, has been replaced by its fecal fragments who nest inside and feed upon the hopeless ideals of young children. Pretenders to the throne, BRITNEY SPEARS, JENIFER LOPEZ, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, satisfy the iconic charade that barely maintains order in the otherwise disrupted CULTURE ECONOMY, but they are only figureheads of an era now past.

Do not mistake blood for money, as the devalued currency upon which an empire was built can no longer sustain it. In fact the iron values of cash have been lost along with the POPSTARS who championed them. And so the children of the now have no scruples, nor should they, would they, could they. And even if they did, what purpose would they serve against the insurmountable waves of tuna salad thrown at them daily. No, they must make do on the crumbs of genius that fall their way.''