20th Anniversary of Nelson Mandela's Release from prison

Lloyd Zaal in the Lloyd Hotel

11 feb 2010
  • 19:30
  • Lloyd Hotel
  • Oostelijke Handelskade 34, 1019 BN Amsterdam Amsterdam

An evening organised together with ZAM magazine, with talks and a viewing of documents concerning Mandelas time in prison. ZAM Magazine won the exclusive rights to publish and show these in the Netherlands.

Among the documents are the official detention order signed on the day Mandela was deported to Robben Island in 1964, the release order signed by President De Klerk, and personal documents like a list of family members who visited Mandela, a thank-you letter to the prison director, and a list of personal possessions Mandela took with him upon his release (among which a surfboard).


Speech - source

Food writer Anna Trapido asked those who changed the world what they were eating while they did it. In her gastro-political biography of Mandela, 'Hunger for Freedom, the story of food in the life of Nelson Mandela', she described what Mandela had for dinner on the evening of his release in February 1990. At the home of Bishop Tutu, Mandela had his first meal of freedom with a desert of rum raisin ice cream.
To celebrate the remembrance of Mandelas liberation from prison, it is this sweet taste of freedom that we would like to serve to you.


19:30 hrs: Welcome in the Lloyd zaal
20:00 hrs: Coen Stork, former diplomat and waarnemer at the Rivonia Trial, on the accusation of Nelson Mandela in 1964
20.10 hrs: Conny Braam, former chairwoman of the anti-Apartheidsmovement in the Netherlands and involved with Operation Vula, on solidarity
20:20 hr: Official opening mini-exhibition "Free Nelson Mandela
22:30 hrs: End

more info on the website of zam-magazine