Lost & Found 5 maart

A night of stray images and sounds

5 mrt 2010

flyer Alexander Shoukas and Merel van den Berg outside.jpg - Julia van Mourik

5 March at Lost & Found: an artist looking for lapis lazuli in Afghanistan, a recording of the notorious performance by Karlheinz Stockhausen at Holland Festival 1969, a VHS collection, a 78 vinyl records collection, a new video by Erkka Nissinen and more!

Lost & Found is a night of stray images and sounds. The programme is compiled from received and selected material by Joris Lindhout and Julia van Mourik. Made possible by the kind support of Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Waag Society and robstolk.
More information: 020 6392787 or found@lost.nl or www.lost.nl