Next level /art, games and reality

2 jun 2006

A rampant night salon in Stedelijk Museum, with games, music and installations, and with Mediamatic contributing The Bob Block Machinima Show by Friedrich Kirschner.


Bob Block Machinima Show by Friedrich Kirschner - N8Salon, June 2006

Throughout the evening there were guided tours with Boris and Steven from Gamekings, a performance by PIPS:lab, a performance by micro-musicer and gameboy audio-out aficionado Lo-bat, an interactive installation by HKU students, DJ Krien, and much more...

In the Game Lounge the documentary Game Over & Over by Robert Wiering was displayed, followed by a panel discussion on gaming in 2006 led by Marc Schuilenburg studiopopcorn.com.

Mediamatic invited Friedrich Kirschner (A) with his Bob Block Machinima Show. The virtual machinima-presentor Bob Block interviewed some guests of n8salon live.

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