Crossmedia for Children!

Mediamatic Salon

23 okt 2006
23 okt 2006

Three new & beautiful online crossmedia projects for children were presented at this salon. This was also the Kick-Off of the workshop Interactive Television for Children organized by Mediamatic and Cinekid Festival 2006.


Machinima Island - at Mediamatic


Ricard Gras of London based La_Interactiva presented his Machinima Island (shortlisted for the Machinima Film Festival, november 2006) and more interactive projects and animations made with Second Life, Sims2 and other game technology.

Lino Hellings and Emer Beamer presented DeSchoolMetDeMeesteRamen a beautiful hand drawn interactive school building online, made together with the children of that school.

Raimond Reijmers of IJsfontein explained the working of the brand new Cinekid Studio, an online collection of free and easy to use media tools for children