uɐɯʞuǝɯ ɐsoɹ

Brainstorm session #1

In the afternoon of the first prototyping day, the students had their first braintorm session.


Learning about Arduino - uɐɯʞuǝɯ ɐsoɹ

After a rich lunch, the students could finally start brainstorming. At first some of them found it a bit hard; the three initial propositions (social, RFID, Bicycle) felt a bit like constrains. Soon enough though, ideas started to evolve and the propositions showed to be inspirational.

At the end of the day a list of 6 ideas was generated:
1. Use the bicycles to play a game of pong.
2. DJ/VJ Biking: use the fixed gear bikes' limited possibilities as an alternative audiovisual controller. With this controller the biker will for instance only be able to set loops, change tempo and break.
3. Two bikes steer one vehicle. In this game the average speed of the two bikes will be used to set the speed, while difference between the two bikes will define the angle in which the vehicle navigates of the tertiary vehicle.
4. Light strips. The light strips will show a virtual opponent and as such can be used to encourage current cyclists to drive faster.
5. Paperboy throw game. Connect RFID tags to newspapers that need to be thrown at a goal, from the racetrack.
6. A random social meeting game?