New Order Fest Workshop

Community Brainstorm for a new generation of energy and sustainability enthusiasts

29 okt 2011
30 okt 2011

This 2-day workshop is set up in order to develop a vision for New Order as well as imagine scenarios, structures and practices it will stand for. Participating in the conversation are emerging artists, designers, architects and researchers from within the Mediamatic network. For these people the issue of energy and the surrounding power structures are the main interest in their respected fields. The result of the workshop will be a series of visual proposals - maps, posters and images - to be presented publicly during New Order Day 3: Post Carbonism - how did we do it?!?


New Order Heads - e-waste state of mind

Workshop participants:

Sascha Pohflepp

artist / designer, synthetic biology, RCA, London

Chris Lee

currencies specialist / designer, Amsterdam

Martti Kalliala

architect / writer, Helsinki

Liam Young

educator / architect / design fictions, AA, London

DUS Architects

architects / researchers / makers, Amsterdam

Femke Herregraven

researcher / graphic designer, Metahaven, Amsterdam

Lucy McRae

materials designer, Amsterdam

Rory Hyde

architect / writer / researcher, Amsterdam

Katja Novitskova

artist / designer / curator, Amsterdam

More information

This workshop will take place at Mediamatic Bank, Vijzelstraat 68 Amsterdam. The results will be presented to the public during New Order Fest Day 3: Visions of Energy.