Bigger 3: No Disc

Rafaël Rozendaal

23 jun 2006
2 jul 2006

Placing a ready made animation in Mediamatic's project space, Rozendaal moved the ready made genre into the virtual realm. It was up to the viewer to decide if he or she wanted it there or not...


No Disc by Rafaël Rozendaal - Bigger3, Mediamatic, June 2006, photo by Bea Correa Bigger 3 at Mediamatic


Throughout June 2006, five young artists had their go at and with Mediamatic's project space. The project set off with one artist, with another joining every week.

Rafael Rozendaal was the third artist who steps in. His project was a READY MADE animation consisting of 4 monitors.

Participants of Bigger:

27.05 Tunc Topcuoglu (Turkey)
11.06 Stefan Tiron, Bogdan Marcu en Linda Barkasz (Romania)
17.06 Rafaël Rozendaal (Netherlands)
23.06 Bogomir Doringer (Serbia)
30.06 Irina Birger (Israël) en Katja Sokolova (Russia)