practicum 06a concert 5

the fifth evening of kraakgeluiden

1 jan 2006
31 dec 2006

Kraakgeluiden on Tour

with Office-R, Bas van Koolwijk and Martijn Tellinga


Visuals by Bas Van Koolwijk - practicum 06a concert at Mediamatic

In the hangout space for artists and musicians the N Collective organized a series of concerts every Friday evening, 6 weeks long.

The programme

1. Office-R(6) Record Release Listening Session
Visuals by Bas van Koolwijk

2. Martijn Tellinga - Protocol I
Electronic Composition for quad speaker system.

Office-R(6), at that time, just released an EP on Lampse audiovisual recordings and this is your chance to hear it in full
hi-fi mode accompanied by visuals of Bas van Koolwijk

All the members of Office-R(6) were present and ready to answer all of your questions and defuse all of your criticism in the informal atmosphere of the Mediamatic space.

For more information on the N Colllective please check their N Collective website.

For more info on Practicum 06a, go HERE