practicum 06a concert 4

Warming up and cooling down

1 jan 2006
31 dec 2006

It was the fourth night of practicum 06a. Tonight was all about the Sonic Acts N event Warm Up and Cool Down Party.
Featuring Morten J. Olsen, Fredrik Hana, Anders Hana, Camilla Milena Feher, Sylvi Kretzschmar...
With a concert, a performance, a sound workshop and short films.


Morten J. Olsen - Practicum 06a, Mediamatic Groundfloor, February 2006, photo by Arne Hendriks practicum 06a concert 4 at Mediamatic

In the hangout space for artists and musicians the N Collective organized a series of concerts every Friday evening, 6 weeks long.

The Programme

On the weekend of the Sonic Acts festival Practicum 06a was used as a base for warming up and cooling down.

1. concert by MOHA and Fredrik Hana (VJ)
- Morten J. Olsen - drums and electronics
- Anders Hana - guitar
and VJ Fredrik Hana

2. performance
Terrible Functional
by Alternative Lovers
- Camilla Milena Feher
- Sylvi Kretzschmar

3. sound workshop
City/ Object Observation, run by
James Beckett in collaboration with John Heijmans, April 2004, Nanjing Arts Institute, China.

4. short films
by Fredrik Hana

and sound pieces and dancing afterwards.

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