Take Care of Your Waste

Zuursalon with: Sasker Scheerder, Simone Vos, Gjalt Jan Feersma Hoekstra and Meneer Wateetons

9 dec 2016

The estimated global foodwastage is at 1.6 billion tonnes per year. 1.3 billion tonnes of that wastage was still edible when thrown away.... Let's change this discours, reduce our footprint and learn how to take care of our waste. During this edition of Zuursalon we will look into reusing salted pickle brines, how to create your own compost in the city, what we can learn from the micro-organisms in a cow's stomach.

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worm compost - Cityplot

Sasker Scheerder - Manenwolf's Foodlab

Sasker is the founder of Manenwolf's Foodlab and Smokehouse. At Manenwolf's they research and reconstruct foods and food preparation techniques. Sasker will tell us about pickeled foods and fermented vegetables. After that, he will introduce us to the process he calls 'pekelzouten', where he reuses the salt that was used to ferment foods. He will make us taste some of his delicious fermented foodwaste.


A new use for old salt - Manenwolfs uses 'leftover' salt from the pickling process. Manenwolfs

Met: Manenwolfs


Pekelzouten - Pekelzouten is a process where the salt used to ferment foods is reused. Sasker Scheerder

Simone Vos - Agriton

Simone is a EM specialist at the 25 year old organisation 'Agriton EM Natuurlijk Actief' in the south of Friesland. There they create products that fertilise the soil in a natural way. Simone will explain the story behind the Boksahi Bin, a self invented fermentation method. Bokashi is a Japanese word for ´well fermented organic waste'. The bin turns food wastage into a rich compost which you can use to fertilise soil. She will also teach us how to grow your own vegetables in your garden.


The Bokashi Bucket System - The Bokashi Bucket is a way to turn your organic waste into a nutriant-rich compost.

Gjalt Jan Feersma Hoekstra - Agriton

Gjalt will teach us how to use micro-organisms in an agricultural way. He will show us the fermenting going on in a cow's stomach. The stomach is a fascinating organ with a lot of microbiology going on, but it is also a sensitive organ that needs healthy food.


Rumen Beef Tripe Stomach - The cow has an intensive fermentationprocess going on in the stomach. This is the 'Rumen', one of the four digestion compartments of a cow. During the Zuursalon on the 9th of december 2016 Gjalt Jan Feersma Hoekstra will explain this complex process.

Meneer Wateetons

Fermentation-enthusiast Meneer Wateetons is the curator of the Zuursalon and the host of the evening.


A pile of wasted food - Image by Jeremy Brooks.

Zuursalon: The Waste Edition
Friday 9 December, 20:00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam

Tickets: Students €5,- / Pre-sale €7,50 / Door €10,-
Please note: this event is given in Dutch.