Cycle the ikCam Alleycat

You can't have an exhibition on urban bike culture without including an Alleycat race. The ikCam Alleycat is a mini alleycat throughout Amsterdam. The messenger race has been taken to the next level by including Mediamatic's ikCam.


Taking a break during an Alleycat - Picture by Robert Gebler, found on Flickr.

After having visited the Sur Place exhibition, we can understand you're even more crazy about bikes than before. So go outside and get pedaling! Cycle the ikCam Alleycat through Amsterdam, and let all the new discoveries sink in.

Make sure to drop by Mediamatic Bank first, to pick up your very own ikTag. After that, hop across the street to Hanazuki Store, where the race starts. Log in by holding your ikTag in front of the monitor positioned in the window.

There are various checkpoints around Amsterdam. After you've logged in to all of them, get your butt over to Mediamatic and cross the finish line. All Alleycat scores are sent directly to the ikCam Alleycat page online. Check to see how fast you were, and how you compare to the other racers.

Not a very speedy biker? No problem. The ikCam Alleycat can be cycled at any speed. Apart from being a race, it's of course a great way to discover and enjoy the city. We've made sure the checkpoints are all worthwhile!

You can log in to the ikCam Alleycat race 24/7. So night owls or club critters are more than welcome!

For more information about the ikCam Alleycat, check this page.