Club Transmediale

A parallel nocturnal supplementary

3 feb 2006
11 feb 2006

A festival for adventurous music and related visual arts. Apparently the newly thought up genres of the year are Dada-Rave, Drone Metal, Cut-up-Agitation and electronic Weird Folk. As part of the theme BEING BOLD!, artists such as Jason Forrest, Jimmy Edgar and Every Kid on Speed will be performing at the festival along with artwork by Antistrot and Pabo, Boxi & Kowalsk.

Besides live performances, there will also be lectures by Geoff Stahl, Jean Jacques Perrey and Rene van der Voort, film (including the Getty Address by the Dirty Projectors aka James Summer) and a platform for exchanging and distributing music, as well as an evening dedicated to the animated world of Pictoplasma.

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