Transmediale 06

Reality Addicts

3 feb 2006
7 feb 2006

After years of living in two dimensional space, the media artists are back out on the track, interfacing their ways into tactile overload. Physical computing is hot! without a doubt, as they say. The 19th Transmediale festival is therefore also dedicated to reality addicts, those who ignore the current techological take on reality.

The festival is divided into the exhibition, a conference, performances, salons, the lounge and andere orte. Speakers include Janet Cardiff, Jean Jacques Perrey, Sigrid Schade, and Anne-Marie Duguet while performances will be given by a 3 meter tall aluminum robot.

L'humor n'existe pas.

Besides that, a human browser and more Tesla in the form of Kubic's Cube, Eyes of Laura Surveillance Web Cam and Street Culture Blog, Oh so criminal (I'm the one with the fake mustache) and much much more.

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