22 sep 2010

Nathaniel was responsable for what must have been one of the most difficult artworks ever produced at the Rijksakademie. In the summer of 2008 he was working with both the metal workshop, the electronics department, the ceramics department and the paint/resin casting technician. It resulted in ‘Giantbum’ presented in the fourth Tate Triennial for which Mellors received wide acclaim.


Nathaniel Mellors: Giantbum - bron

Adrian Searle writes in the Guardian: “Then there was Giantbum by Nathaniel Mellors. This somewhat alarming if not actually insanitary “video installation with animatronic sculpture” entails a journey through a felt-lined room, where a bunch of people are filmed rehearsing a play about being stuck inside God’s bottom.” I’m looking forward to seeing Nathaniel’s world on the 25th!

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