Digital life, biological life, bioinformatical life

AV Festival 06, on sustaining and designing life

2 mrt 2006
12 mrt 2006

A symposium on artificial life mechanisms, robotics, biotechnology and art, with appearances of the sensory circus, artificial worlds v.3.0., the Critical Art Ensemble and their marching plague, Michael Nyman (who has moved from cinema scores to Orchestrating the Genome, make it with the best), an orchestra of robots directed by Suguru Goto, the creator of Augmented Fish Reality Ken Rinaldo and his new Autotelematic Spiderbot, and much more life mimicking and living goodness.

In The Primrose Path by Dave Allinson and Michelle Trip, the visitor is led through the garden of exhibitions around, to subsequently be immersed by Planesong by James Hutchinson, who uses game development software to create a new world of projections, where one can view State by Helena Swatton and the bioart The Remains of Disembodied Cuisine by Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr, and end with At the Sensory Circus by Time's up.

The evening entertainment also includes Orchestrating the Genome - Michael Nyman, data.matrix and c4I by Ryoij Ikeda, some of the Warp VJs dropping in and even Umami/An Honest Errors Collective, Carsten Nicolai, Marus Watz and many many more.

Located in Newcastle Gateshead, Sunderland and Middlebrough

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