Make Art

Organised by Goto10, Make Art is a festival dedicated to the integration of "free and open source" software in electronic art.
Starting the 24th of January 2006, artists and programmers will take the audience on a journey through this emerging culture via concerts, conferences, software presentations, exhibitions and a workshop.

The topics discussed during lectures will concentrate on the love-hate relationship between open source culture and post-industrial societies.

With: Jean-Baptiste Soufron (Wikimedia - Paris. France)
Pierre Jarillon (ABUL - Bordeaux. France)
Simon Yuill (Your Machines - Glasgow. Great-Britain)
Derek Hales (School of Art and Design - Huddersfield
University. Great-Britain)
Anthony Isles (Mute Magazine - London. Great-Britain)
GND+ANA (ex-Burundi Studio - Bratislava. Slovakia)
Verdura Obscura, DarkVeggy (pRINT! - Dijon. France)
Antonios Galanopoulos (OpenLab - London.
Gisle Froysland (BEK - Bergen. Norway)

PERFORMANCES ------------------------------------------------

Make Art features numerous perfomances done by artists using or creating open source software.

With: Chun Lee (TW)
Marloes de Valk (NL)
Jan Kees van Kampen (NL)
Ixi software (IS/ES)
ClaudiusMaximus (GB)
0xA (TW/FR)
NullPointer (GB)
Yaxu and Dave Griffiths (GB)
Soudo (FR)
Adrian Vacca (NL)

EXHIBITION --------------------------------------------------

Permanent installations from
- GND+ANA / Slovakia "Public Nudity Exposed!"
- Elpueblodechina / Chile "Elpicoroco Radio"

TOOLS -------------------------------------------------------

Demos and presentations from:
Frank Barknecht (goto10 - Köln. Germany)
Benjamin Cadon (Labomedia - Orléans. France)
Enrike Hurtado (ixi software - Bilbao. Spain)
Thor Magnusson (ixi software - Bristol. Great-Britain)
Dave Griffiths (pawful - London. Great-Britain)
Tom Schouten (goto10 - Leuven. Belgium)
Chun Lee (goto10 - London. Great-Britain)
Antonios Galanopoulos (goto10 - London. Great-Britain)
Anthony Isles (Mute Magazine - London. Great-Britain)

PURE DATA WORKSHOP ------------------------------------------

Led by Benjamin Cadon (Labomedia / Orléans), the goal of this workshop is to give beginners and more advanced users the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the software and improve their Pure Data skills and more precisely sound processing.

more info and how to apply:

Make Art constitutes a tool for reflecting on the
propagation of free software in artistic creation and we
want it to be a view onto the social, political and economic myths and realities linked to this phenomenon.

24-29 January 2006
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