Steel Sky

Christoph de Boeck at STRP Festival

18 nov 2010
28 nov 2010

This responsive environment confronts the visitor with an acoustic representation of his electrical brain activities : a ceiling of steel segments responds to your state of consciousness in real time. The intimate topography of your cerebral cortex is mirrored as pins hit different locations on a matrix of steel in shifting rhythms and combinations.


Steel Sky - bron

Since the presentation of version I last year in STUK, Leuven, Christoph De Boeck has been collaborating with Holst centre on finetuning the interaction between the measured brainwaves and the sound produced by the installation. The machine is now registering your consciousness at 8 different spots and responding differently to sensory experiences than to cognitive focus. This version II creates a more dynamic set of patterns and rhythms related to the individual features of every visitor.

Free visit :

thu 18 nov: 17-21h
fri 19 & sat 20 nov: 13-21h
su 21 nov: 13-18.30h
mo 22 - we 25 nov: 13-17h
thu 25 - sat 27 nov: 13-21h
su 28 nov: 13-18.30h

location : 5MM, 5 Minuten Museum
adress : SBPgebouw, Torenallee, Strijp-S, Eindhoven