Arno Veenstra

DevCamp Ideas

Brainfarts for #DevCamp10

Air guitar hero - CV (normal webcam) with orange gloves - Flex sensors in gloves
- Sound synthesis
- Recorded strings
- Whole orchestra :)
- Use a real (plastic) guitar from guitar hero and change it

Intelligent smoke room
- Measure smoke levels to guide fan activation

Mapping human input to google image queries or visualizations
- Checking what mood someone's in and portraying it on the wall

Measuring "gezelligheid" (cozy, nice etc.)
- A round console, people can stand around
- The top can measure skin conductance
- Measure laughter?
- Webcam to spot emotion
- Output? Maybe log in with ikTags and connect people in the social network if the system measures that they're having a good idea...

Skin conductance / Arousal measurement
- Speeddating or other social interactio

Tracking humans with a spotlight