Alle rechten voorbehouden
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The foam/led thingy in this image is really popular at party's. The LEDs are blinking and this gives a cool effect in the dark, people thing its cool. They are cheap and can be given to the public in the club/concert. I propose to extend this stick with bright IR LEDs, so we can easily track the movement of these sticks. There are all kinds of applications once we know how to track these sticks: - The faster the sticks move, the more likely that people are enjoying the music. We could transform this into a visualization, which is thus reacting on the crowd. - Maybe its possible to identify different (groups) of stick (by changing the LED blink rate). This way we can analyze certain groups in the room. Or we can give similar sticks to groups of friends, after which they can see where the rest of their group is located. - The stick could be extended with an RFID chip, which is then coupled to the IR blink rate. We might then track the behaviour of how you swing the stick during the night :) The foam/LED 'swing it above your head' thingy.