Neda Gueorguieva

Machinima have the possibility of bringing together different realities into one story


Neda Gueorguieva - Participants report the Machinima workshop which took place at Mediamatic, March 2006

Neda is a graduate student at the Dutch Film Academy. Studying at the IMVFX (Interactive Media and Visual FX) department she has worked with digital animation techniques for quite some time, but machinima was a new and unexplored way of making digital animations: “For me the challenge was not so much in the technique of making the film inside the game, but mastering the game to produce the film you want to make inside the game! For example: I needed to learn how to fly a helicopter in Battlefield 2 to make the aerial shots for our film, and I tell you: it is quite difficult!"

Neda sees machinima as a tool to make films with a different aesthetic and approach of linearity. The project she made together with Rini during the workshop uses four different game engines, with very distinct visual aesthetics. The engines were all used to portray a different setting in the film and the looks of each game fit seamless with these settings. The result is a short film, which brings together 4 different worlds, which interact with each other, but keep their own distinctions. As Neda described it herself: “Machinima have the possibility to bring together different realities into one story."