Rini Hartman

Friedrich was the one who opened our computers and minds


Rini Hartman - Participants report the Machinima workshop which took place at Mediamatic, March 2006

Rini came to the Machinima workshop with an ambitious project to this workshop. Working on an awareness program for the destruction of Ecuadorian rainforest by oil waste, he wanted to use machinima to portray the destruction and consequences of our Western consumption of natural resources. The result is a collage of footage from 4 different games which blend together to convey the message. Rini: “Friedrich was the one who opened our computers and minds to think out of the box. He provided us with the technological insights to open up the technology and make it work for us."

Enormously satisfied with the result, Rini will certainly develop the first raw version of the movie into a more sophisticated and polished version. “At first I had some doubts about the project, feared it would be too challenging, but it all worked out fine and the project made me realise the great potential machinima have!"