Wearable and implantable body sensor networks

BSN Workshop 2006

3 apr 2006
5 apr 2006
  • 10:00 -20:00
  • MIT Media Lab
  • 20 Ames Street, 02139-4307 Cambridge

In case you need to know more about the alarm you can wear in your glasses that warns you you are boring your conversation partner, or if you need to know more about thermal energy harvesting, conductive fabric, interactive dance ensemble wireless wearable sensor networks, or about more directly medical applications of body sensor networks.

The main themes include wearable sensors, power issues and RF communication, clinical applications, sensor network platforms, information processing and security and implantable sensors.

Many of the projects have been submitted by the Responsive Environments Group, led by Joseph A. Paradiso. The research group at MIT media lab focuses on sensate media, wearable systems and expressive interfaces.

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