PZI media design MA

Graduation Show 2006

23 jun 2006
25 jun 2006

Those graduating from a course based on computational and networked digital media invite you for a tour of their work.

Open Wardrobe is a platform where these two technologies meet, and asks if "free software and free content break down the barrier between producer and consumer" can Internet tools be used to break through the fashion barrier?

Bring clothes to swap and experience the activity of tangible exchange with the Open Wardrobe online tool. A space for clothes modification and labeling will be available for those who wish to use it.

How do you like your daily media fix - online? offline? print??? What kind of reader are you ? Are you a shallow parser - browsing over the lines looking for some word to capture your attention? Or do you obediently read the newspaper / html page from start to end / top to bottom?

Ctrl-F Reader is a tool that proposes to readapt the traditional practice of reading to the WWW environment.

How can we communicate if we speak different languages? The Love Language System unifies Chinese and English both for chat systems and for getting chatted up.

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