26 jan 2011
13 feb 2011
  • Melkweg
  • Lijnbaansgracht 234a, Amsterdam

TNN werkt aan een gender-diverse samenleving. Deze missie is volgens hen volbracht als transgenders een integraal deel uitmaken van de samenleving, zowel als groep en individu. Samen met vier andere Europese transgender organisaties organiseren zij een bijeenkomst voor transgender activisten van 3 tot 5 februari 2011. In de Melkweg Galerie zijn twee exposities te zien:
Serious Game (portretten en interviews met 26 transgender activisten), door Anja Weber en Sabine Ercklentz (Duitsland)
genderfreedom! (portretten over de ‘queer-life’), door Daphne Channa Horn.


Anja Weber - bron

Transgender Network Netherlands

TNN works towards a gender-diverse society, for the emancipation and wellbeing of transgenders and their relatives. We consider this mission accomplished when transgenders have become an integral part of society, both as individuals and as a group.
Five European transgender equality organizations cooperate to strengthen their capacities in arguing for inclusion and increase the visibility of transgender people. The partners take turn in hosting working meetings of transgender-activists. At these meetings activists exchange good practices and train their argumentation skills on the transgender inclusion. The exhibition is used by TNN to improve their advocacy skills by meeting with visitors of the exhibition and discussing trans equality inclusion. The meeting will take place from 3 to 5 February 2011.

On Thursday 3 February 2011: Open reception in the Melkweg Galerie held by TNN.

Serious Game

Anja Weber & Sabine Ercklentz

Serious Game is an audio-visual installation by Anja Weber and Sabine Ercklentz. In May 2008, 26 transgender activists were portrayed and interviewed in the course of an international transgender conference in Berlin. From society’s perspective their existence is a mistake. Transgender people challenge the binary gender concept of male and female. Be it out of necessity or out of conscious choice. Or both. Transgender identities are diverse, fluid, daring and usually beyond the scope of the binary system. In this sense, Trans people are (sometimes unintentionally) visionaries, avant-garde even. In interviews, the subjects speak of their personal lives, their self-representation, transgenderism and identity.

Anja Weber (Germany, 1968) studied photography in Germany, Great Britain and the US. In her personal work she emphasizes on questions of identity, representation and gender. She lives and works as a photographer in Berlin.

Sabine Ercklentz (Germany, 1967) has been working as a composer, sound artist and performer for the past ten years. She was awarded several prizes and scholarships and participated in concerts and festivals throughout Europe and North America.

Weber and Ercklentz started collaborating in 2007. The artists want to take a stand and open up a dialogue. Serious Game is their second piece.


Daphne Channa Horn

Daphne Channa Horn (Groningen, 1975) is a documentary photographer. She lives and works in Amsterdam. She became a member of the Amsterdam Fotosalon. In 2000 she attended a masterclass by Guus Dubbelman. She studied at the Photo Academy and came in second place at the Mobile Phone Award.

Daphne mostly photographs the ‘queer-life’ and tries to visualize the gender feeling and gender fluidity. With her work she wants to raise awareness and confront the viewer with issues they would otherwise ignore.