Julia van Mourik

Programme IFFR XL: Special Rotterdam edition of Lost & Found

a night of stray images and sounds

Christopher West designed the camouflage invite for last L&F event, that got lost in the mail. But we fund them again and they were send out with a red Lost Invite stamp.

The Piano Man
Roeland Doesburg plays piano music for ballet classes. Tonight he improvised as he played during the interviews.

The Lost & Found Archive


Das Blauwe Licht audience - Julia van Mourik

Scene from a film about the parfume route
Maher Al Sabbagh filmed a man singing for his brother who's collecting blossom for his perfum early in the morning. Next to the man sits a young girl with a blue eye. By skype Maher tells us he doesn't understand what the sonds are about as they are in Farsi, and that the songs are more than thousand years old.

Exorcism of ghosts duet
Nina Hitz and Hilary Jeffery play in the dark behind the audience. They play a duet they performed at Nina's attic to derive a ghost. We hear beautiful soft music and we think we also hear singing.

Bird sounds of Freycinet Peninsula
Toine Horvers describes the bird sounds of Freycinet Peninsula he heard on an early morning as we watch the pictures he took there.

Im Schoss Der Macht
Gábor Altorjay, nestor of film, tells about his screenplay about the relation between Lenie Riefenstahl and Bela Balazs (scenarist), showing film cips from 'Das Blaue Licht' (1932), Leni's directors debute, which she wrote together with Bela. We see a scarcely dressed Leni in the Dolemites, as the blue light bewilders the men of the village.
There was an affair between hubsche leni and womanizer Bela syas Altorjay. They were together up in the mountains, and as Altorjoy's aunt knows 'He had a good dick'.

To Become, Shift, Transfer, Copy and Erase Janet Leigh
In an attempt to split the character and the actor, Jeroen Offerman will film Psycho's shower scene five times. He shows two scenes. We see a woman and a man playing the role of Marion Crane and we notice the differences: how the hair sticks to the tiles, how the water sinks in the tub and how the camera zooms in on the eye.

Thread of Voice
Marcus Bergner does a short performance and shows a documentary about the Australian sound poetry group Arf Arf (Michael buckley, Frank Lovece, Marisa Stirpe, Marcus Bergner), for which poetry, performance and film are strongly related.
We see an experimental film which is a combination of found footage and experiments with the camera, showing passion for painting: light and color.

With Love
Cindy Jansen filmed in a SM master's cellar and concentrated on the bodies in the dark.
The audience has a lot of heated questions. Cindy answers she wanted to stay away form the document and focus on the phsychical experience.

Geometry of Circles
Philip Glass composed this music for a series of short animations for Sesame Street in 1979. It has aired on Sesame Street as recently as 1994 and probably later.

Me Like You
A late night guerilla show of uber portable post and math rock band 'Me Like You': "All our songs are about zombies." blew of Schieblock's roof.

DJ Prins Lawrence

Lost & Found Rotterdam
Friday 28 January 2011
doors open 20.30, start program 21.00
Dependance of Schieblock
Schiekade 189
3013 BR Rotterdam
cover charge €5

Lost & Found is a night of stray images and sounds. The programme was compiled by Julia van Mourik and Sasker Scheerder from received and selected material. Made possible by the kind support of Mondriaan Foundation, Limboland and Robstolk.

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