1000 Drawings

A one night exhibition, party and celebration for charity

3 mrt 2011

1000 Drawings Amsterdam in Trouw is a one night exhibition, party and celebration for charity, and you will return home with at least one drawing!


1000 drawings Flyer - Flyer made by Trouw


From 20:00 to 22:00 you will be hunting for your favorite drawing while you're being entertained by the Serial Songwriter & Storyteller artists.

At 22:00 you will engage with the Doodle Jam, a twenty minute live group art and entertainment performance activated by an MC and energized by tribal drums. From this moment forward you can also start picking up your drawings (yes you can also still buy more).

That's not all. Immerse yourself in the worldly tunes from "Grote Prijs van Nederland" finalist the gypsy band Zorita, get on your feet with DJ Dansor, expect some breakdance at the eclectic beats of DJ Rolan, be seduced by the sensuality of the bellydancers, silence yourself during the Midnight Ceremony with the heavenly tunes of the hangdrums, join in a chain drawing, watch live paintings, get a Doodle Consult, and much more!

What about that Drawing

For 10 EUR you can buy one of the unique drawings, which are made by both professionals and amateurs. The one(s) you bring home could be made by a famous artist, the girl-next-door, artistic grannies or... you.

Yes You. Everybody can contribute to this event simply by creating an A5 sized piece of your imagination and donating it to the exhibition so we can sell it for our designated cause. Simple, yes? By the way, the (full) profits of this event are used to support a children's project in the Bonnytoun House of Safety in South Africa, an initiative by Young in Prison. They help the imprisoned children to return into society with creative and educational workshops.

Entrance fee

€10 including a drawing of your choice!

Be Advised
Each drawing is unique, and everyone wants to get their favorites. If you want yours be early!. First come = First served!