VERSCH audiovisual art & electronic music

Sugar Factory

16 dec 2006
16 dec 2006

Early_night (20.30h.) / audiovisual art program
Fear_lab: performance / live cinema / GER, NL
Keir Neuringer: audiovisual performance / USA,NL

Late_night / live performance and dj’s
Live: Ard Bit / NL
Live: Tundra / NL
Live: Hobbydeluxe (DJ/ VJ/ DVJ) / NL
Dj: Steijn
VJ: Resistance Electronique

Time:. 20.30h. – 05.00h. Audiovisual art program starts at 20.30h.
Location: Sugar Factory, Lijnbaansgracht 238 Amsterdam.
Price: 10,-- Euro.
More information at _http://www.versch.org_ or


VERSCH audiovisual art & electronic music -

*Fear_lab* is a project by Xander de Boer, Steven Heather & Siegmar

Zacharias Part of “Telling Time''. They explore in this live-mix of image, sound and text the mechanisms of fear and the potentialities of the audience’s imagination.
Trees and houses from train set models as well as cardboard sets create the backdrop for the audience’s fantasy. Foley becomes the sound-scape of the audiences projection, transmitted for everybody individually via head-phones. And text put together from political speeches, and films lets the imagination run wild in search for a story. Everything is live, you have a choice. Watch the fiction or watch how it’s been made! Let’s play the game “virtual reality in the dark". Don’t worry you are not alone.

We are a laboratory. We plant danger through make-belief. How much are you willing to see with your eyes closed? How far can you go to the point of no return?
Inception: 20.20h!
Co-Production: Gasthuis, Amsterdam, with the kind support of the Federal Cultural Foundation

*Keir Neuringer: audiovisual performance*
Neuringers audiovisual work examines various territorial designations within the fragile and deteriorating international order in a live choreography of text, documentary and abstract imagery, and lo-/hi-fi electronic music.

More info at: www.versch.org_ or