Public Authoring - from the margins to the centre

13 dec 2006
13 dec 2006

Virtueel Platform Workshop with Giles Lane, 13th December 2006 at the Digital Heritage Conference 2006 – Interactive Heritage
Time: 1.30 pm – 3.15 pm
Location: W2 Platezaal, De Doelen, Rotterdam

On 12 and 13 December Digitaal Erfgoed Nederland hosts the third Digital Heritage conference about trends and techniques in cultural heritage. The lectures, workshops and debates will focus primarily on the digital services of cultural heritage organisations.

Virtueel Platform has organised a workshop specially for the DEN conference. We have invited Giles Lane, founder of the interdisciplinary studio Proboscis and researcher at the Royal College of Art. Digital technologies and distributed networks have fundamentally changed the nature of communications and how knowledge, memories and information are shared.

Proboscis is a London-based studio which has spent the past years devising tools and practices for 'public authoring', the term we use to describe how people share knowledge in these ways, many of which bridge analogue and digital media. Urban Tapestries, DIFFUSION Generator, Storycubes are some of the projects and formats Giles Lane directed. This workshop will introduce some of their tools and practices and the social and cultural contexts through which they have been developed.

The Digital Heritage Conference 2006 is already fully booked. However, Virtueel Platform has 5 seats available for the workshop with Giles Lane. If you’re interested in taking part please contact Virtueel Platform:
More information about the conference or the workshop can be found at: