Forget the Film, Watch the Titles Event

26 feb 2010

Forget the Film, Watch the Titles Event
February 26, 8 - 10.30 PM
Emmasingel 20
5611 AZ Eindhoven
T + 31 (0)40- 2961663

In addition to the gallery presentation, MU will host a special evening program on Friday, February 26th. Three main title designers will talk about and present their best work. They'll be showing pitches, sneak previews of works in progress, and their sources of inspiration. The gallery will stay open late so you'll be able to see the show too.

Guests are Nic Benns and Miki Kato of Momoco (London), Olivier Marquezy of Deubal (Paris), and Balder Westein of ThreeDoubleYou (Amsterdam).

This will be an inspiring event that is not be missed!

Bus from Amsterdam - Eindhoven on the 26th
MU has arranged a bus from Amsterdam to MU in Eindhoven. The bus will leave at 5 PM from the SubmarineChannel offices on Rapenburgerstraat 109, Amsterdam, and leave from MU at 10.30 PM. Price is 10,- euro. If you'd like to join us on the bus, please send an email before Feb. 21 to

Forget the Film, Watch the Titles Exhibition
The Forget the Film, Watch the Titles exhibition, now at MU in Eindhoven (Netherlands), is the first in a series of spin-off projects we've got planned for 2010. The show opened on Jarnuary 15 and will close on January 28.

In the fabulous MU building -formerly a Philips factory- we're showcasing more than thirty of the swishest and snazziest title design highlights. From creations by genre pioneers to current uber-title-ist Kyle Cooper, at MU you can watch the title sequences on five fancy screens. Each screen is devoted to a different theme.


FTF_A2_Print.jpg - Exhibition flyer Remco Vlaanderen