#theorganisation_office| Edwin Stolk |HMK {HotelMariaKapel} | 2011

korte achterstraat 2 a, Hoorn

THE ORGANISATION is founded in January 2011 by Edwin Stolk.


#theorganisation_office |Edwin Stolk |HMK| 2011 - #theorganisation is founded in January 2011 by Edwin Stolk. http://www.the-organisation.tumblr.com/ www.edwinstolk.nl

#theorganisation_office | Edwin Stolk | HMK {HotelMariaKapel}| korte achterstraat 2 a, Hoorn| 2011
Open on 5/6 May (11am - 5pm and 6pm- 9pm) and on 7/8 May (2pm - 5pm)
Finissage 8 May at 4pm
Other visiting times between 2 and 8 May by appointment: phone +31(0)229-752252

THE ORGANISATION is a hybrid open source organisation, founded in January 2011 by Edwin Stolk. Its main task is to question contemporary reality structures. Everybody interested in this theme can become an active member. THE ORGANISATION is embedded, using existing infrastructures and collaborates with companies to provide professional services.

For the situation in Hoorn THE ORGANISATION is collaborating with:

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