OPEN CALL Urban Screening Paris

now open til 5th of September

1 jun 2011
5 sep 2011

We, Chic Art Fair Paris (contemporary art fair - off FIAC) and PvonK Berlin (creative team), are glad to introduce you to the following OPEN CALL "Set in Concrete" Urban Screening Paris. We keep available for any further talks about a selection of video artworks you may like to present us.


UrbanScreening_Chic2011 - Urban Screening on concrete wall-Paris PvonK Berlin

"Set in Concrete" (20-23 October 2011) will take place in the "Cité de la Mode et du Design", next to the river Seine, with the support of the City of Paris, the French Ministries of Culture and Industry.

One week after the OPEN CALL for "Set in Concrete" Urban Screening Paris (20-23 October 2011) was launched,
We, Chic Art Fair-Paris and PvonK-Berlin, are proud to share some curative steps :

-confirmation of the contribution of Mirjam Struppek (;
-participation of the artists Boris Eldagsen (How to disappear completely-; Mildred Simantov & Nils Thornander (
-curatorial exchanges with Videospread-FR and Streaming Museum-NYC ( ;

Our technical support for the Event is the collective Scale-Paris (last project :

Here is the link to read more about "Set in Concrete" Urban Screening Paris (20-23 October 2011) and