Marieke Klos

Beeldend Kunstenaar/ Visual Artist

My ambition is to show that everywhere around us you can find wonderful shapes and forms that are hidden. With my work I (so to speak) pick up the rocks so you can see underneath them. It sometimes surprises me that so many people look over things too quickly. So I try to make them stop, and have a closer look to all that is growing and crawling beneath them.

About my work

My 3D work is mainly developed from drawing. I have made drawings of organic forms, inspired by microbiology. Gradually my work became more three dimensional, which develops in the same loose, intuitive way as the drawings. I make installations which I want to describe as; 'spatial drawings '. To blow life into a drawing, so that you literally can walk through it, and touch and feel the shapes.
When I work in a space, I have to face the characteristics and ambiance of that space, in contrast to an empty sheet of paper. This will influence the final work, but my work will also have influence on the space. That is often essential in my work, the installation becomes a part of the space, and most of the time it comes into existence there.
Until now I've mainly worked with ' D I Y ', hobby and household materials/products. Things that are used in daily life. Paper, rope, tape, shower curtains, wrapping-paper, nylons, cups, or textile are not used for their intended purpose. I play with their potentials, I place them in a different context. They become part of a new world I create.
Recently I began working with building foam (aerosol) and textile. I've developed a technique at which I begin with a drawing on textile, then I cut it out, and sew it. Then I fill the form with building foam which expands and gets hard so that a sculpture is formed. With this fast way of working I try to get close to the way of drawing. This technique offers me the possibility to literally let a drawing become 3d and expanding the shape.
The shapes I make are inspired by forms and phenomena which grab my attention. I find this inspiration mainly in the animal and plant world, or in microbiology. They are strange organic forms which are always among us, but never directly visible; sometimes because they are microscopic, or because they occur in places that are mostly hidden (for example under water, or in the soil). They excite me and make me curious. In my sculptures you can sometimes find a piece of recognition, which can help the viewer in his or her experience. Currently I 'm starting to explore video. With the camera I film things that fascinate and astound me.

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