Katja Sokolova

Pelmeni (Russian Ravioli) workshop

Pelmeni, vodka and the Russian choir "Soroki"

There is not a single Russian restaurant in Amsterdam. The Russians miss their food from home.

It was time to teach the Dutch how to prepare some of the most delicious Russian dishes.

Russian Delights

Borsch, cutlets, Russian salade, pelmeni with sour cream- all these dishes can also be a treat for those who grew up on stampots and cheese sandwiches.

Pelmeni - dumplings filled with minced meat- are the most popular food among the Russians to eat in winter. They are delicious and easy to make. And there is always enough for everybody.

Mediamatic organized a workshop for everyone who was interested in the Russian Kitchen. People were taught how to make pelmeni, which in some extent resembles the Italian ravioli. Accompanied with some vodka (and therefore courage) all 30 participants had a go at this Russian delight.

A few hours into the workshop a Russian choir called Soroki performed some real Russian songs a cappella.

At the end of the evening everyone enjoyed their self made Pelmeni.


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