Lost in Nollywood

Lost & Found presents a night of stray images and sounds dedicated to Nollywood cinema.

11 nov 2011

The Nigerian film industry is the third largest in the world, releasing onto the home video market approximately 1,000 movies each year. Movies are produced and marketed in the space of a week: low cost equipment, actors cast the day of the shooting, “real life” locations. They continue to fascinate audiences; stars are local actors, plots confront the viewer with familiar situations of romance, comedy, witchcraft, bribery, prostitution. The narrative is overdramatic, deprived of happy endings, tragic. The aesthetic is loud, violent, excessive; nothing is said, everything is shouted.


Lost in Nollywood - Sander Breure, Witte van Hulzen


Fragile Pain
Pastor's Club
Igodo: Land of the living dead
Living in Bondage
Will You Forgive Her
Fake Prophet
The White Hunters
Eye of the Gods
Magun (Thunderbolt)


a professor cultural Anthropology on visualizing the spiritual
Pieter Hugo's Nollywood
pastor Ibrahim
Nathaniel Mellors gets inspired by Nollywood
Baba Electronica, DJ Lonely and MC Tantao from the legendary 80s band Black future
all shot in a film set and more!

Lost in Nollywood
friday 11 *11 *11
doors open 20.30, start program 21.00
SMART Project Space
Arie Biemondstraat 111
cover charge € 9

Lost & Found presents a night of stray images and sounds dedicated to Nollywood cinema. The program is compiled from received and selected material by Sander Breure, Witte van Hulzen and Julia van Mourik. Thanks to Mondriaan Foundation and SMART Project Space.

Lost & Found was initiated in Amsterdam in 1997. The formula remained almost unchanged over the years; an eclectic group of artists curate screenings of overlooked, obscure and forgotten visual and audio artifacts from archives and private collections from around the globe to show material which doesn’t fit comfortably into regular gallery contexts; work which demands more concentration than the usual walk-by, or seems out of place anywhere. The soiree-like events where held in Amsterdam, Alexandria, Berlin, Cairo, Los Angeles, Vilnius, and in the New Museum in New York.

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