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The Stolen Scream

A Story About Noam Galai

A story about Noam Galai, and a photograph which has become an interesting meme.


Screaming for Help - Photo by Noam Galai

: “About two years after publishing photos of myself screaming on the Flickr, I discovered that my face was ‘for sale’ in several stores around the world, as well as on the Web and spotted it in places like Spain, Iran, Mex­ico, England and many other places. When I realized that its not a one-time-thing and my face is being used in so many places I decided to start collecting images/videos of all my ‘appearances’.”

- Noam Galai

The (mis)use of this series of photos has become an interesting meme, one which Noam documents on his Scream Everywhere blog. Like Noam’s general fan page on Facebook or follow the artist on Twitter.