Selected Projects

In art, architecture, and other disciplines, the word „project” stands for a certain assignment given to a team of specialists to be executed in a definite period of time. Usually, such project must have a certain effect, used for a particular purpose. It is, however, often only a trial. Nevertheless, we are always interested in trying to create something new and better, something that will perform a useful function or allow for attaining a desired effect, a change.


The gallery as seen from the garden façade, 1979 © BWA Zielona Góra - The gallery as seen from the garden façade, 1979 © BWA Zielona Góra

The works presented in the exhibition may be generally divided into three areas – project stages. The basic goal was to recognize the area, which is why the history of the spot was so important. The next problem to be solved was the role of the artists and designers invited to the project, who, based on their knowledge and using proper tools, would support history, modernity, or would try to solve a particular problem. The third and final stage is an attempt to think about the problems of the future, such as interdisciplinary, multi-level design aware of the influence on natural environment, or the problem of sustainability.

The starting point was the building of the Bureau of Art Exhibitions - Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych in Zielona Góra and its history. Its form relates to the best examples of architecture of late modernism. Immediately after its opening, it became the center for important artistic events in 20th century Poland. The Space and Expression exhibition took place here two years after the opening of the BWA, in 1967. Apart from local artists, the exhibition was also attended by members of the Groupe International d′Architecture Prospective from Paris, and Zofia and Oskar Hansen. Works, which are nowadays compared to the most innovative spatial experiments realized all over the world at that time, were exhibited in the renovated interiors of the neighboring museum and all over the city.

Curated by Romuald Demidenko

The exhibition Selected Projects was presented in BWA Zielona Góra, Poland. It featured works by Alicja Bielawska (PL), Daniel Malone (NZ), Bartosz Mucha (PL), Franciszek Orłowski (PL), Katarzyna Przezwańska (PL), Michaela Schweiger (DE), Kajetan Sosnowski (PL), Henryk Stażewski (PL), Oskar Zięta (PL/CH).

It was accompanied by the catalogue with texts by Boris Groys (Academy for Design in Karlsruhe, New York University), Wojciech Kozłowski (BWA Zielona Góra), Katarzyna Roj (Galeria Design – BWA Wrocław), Marcin Szczelina (SALON: The Laboratory for Testing Boundaries of Architecture), artists and the curator. The book was designed by Moonmadness (PL), and it included drawings by Annemarie van den Berg (NL).

Acknowledgements: Muzeum Ziemi Lubuskiej in Zielona Góra,, Rosenfeld Media. Partners: 010 Publishers, Fundacja Bęc Zmiana, Architecture Snob, Object Rotterdam

Selected Projects
BWA Zielona Góra