An expedition as a model of open source

9 mrt 2007

The lost Highway Expedition 2006.

During August 2006 The Lost Highway Expedition brought an international and cross-disciplinary group of ca. 200 artists, theoreticians, journalists, photographers, architects and other cultural practitioners together into an exploratory, and at times accidental journey, along what was once, in the time of Socialist Yugoslavia, called the 'Highway of Brotherhood and Unity' . Traveling for 26 days along this geopolitical trajectory linking the capitals of what is now called the Western Balkans, the expedition was a search for a form of future cultural and spatial practice, taking as its starting point a positive interpretation of the concept of Balkanisation.

Tangent_Brotherhood presents the exhibition as a model of open source and do-it-yourself collaboration in the form of a mobile , cultural and artistically charged, and collectively authored project.