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In 2011 Owen Martin joined PUMA.Creative as Curatorial Assistant after completing his M.A. in art history at McGill University (Montreal, Canada). In this position at PUMA, he assists Mark Coetzee, Chief Curator of PUMA.Creative, on variety of innovative projects taking place across Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and South America.

Martin's passion is for fostering cross-cultural exchange and collaboration in multiple arenas of the arts, including video, photography, painting, drawing, dance, writing and music.

He was previously Curatorial Assistant at the H&R Block Artspace (Kansas City, United States), a hub for contemporary art practice and discourse in Kansas City. In 2008 he curated an exhibition there entitled "Political Persuasion: Street Posters for Barack Obama."

He has also completed research for the Rubell Family Collection (Miami, United States), including for the exhibition catalogue "Against All Odds: Keith Haring in the Rubell Family Collection."

In 2007 he completed his B.F.A. in Visual Art and Art History at the Kansas City Art Institute (Kansas City, United States).

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