Mold Fight

Can you beat the slime mold?

Remember that bio-sample that we collected from you during Museum Night? Well your bacteria has grown and is ready for its moment in the spotlight. You are invited to pit your bacteria against slime mold in our newest installation, Mold Fight.


boxing petri dish - Bacteria and fungus ready to fight. This image is part of the Mold Fight installation in the Paddestoelen Paradijs exhibition. Abel

Our newest installation in the Paddestoelen Paradijs exhibition needs your bacteria. We are putting your mold and bacteria in a head-to-head battle against our lab-grown slime mold in the petri-stadium.

How to join the fight

If you would like your bacteria and fungus to battle the slime mold then please email Margarita (margarita[at], who will be coordinating all the moldy fights. There will be a new fight every week, so this is your chance to see how your bacteria stands up to the slime mold challenge.

The winners

We do all the work, all you have to do is come and celebrate, with a FREE BEER on us, if your bacteria wins!

Read more about the installation here.