STEIM, Jonathan Reus


Rapid prototyping of site-specific urban sound interventions

12 mei 2012
13 mei 2012

This workshop is an investigation into the social and acoustic affordances of sound in public spaces. We will spend two days exploring the city of Amsterdam through the practice of Soundstorming, a direct exploratory method for fast prototyping of outdoor sonic interventions.


Soundstorming 2 - Soundstorming Düsseldorf > Köln - in collaboration with IMM, Düsseldorf and Festival for Applied Acoustics, Köln

You must register in advance for this workshop through the online form at STEIM.ORG

Soundstorming is the invention of artist Davide Tidoni, who recently won an honorable mention at Ars Electronica for his work with acoustic interventions in the city of Linz. Similar to the process of brainstorming, the pretext of Soundstorming is to provide a freewheeling context in which we may explore different listening modes and develop site specific installations and interventions.

Soundstormers stop the walk and intervene whenever they find an interesting site. Urban acoustics, public constructions, and sound producing / recording devices constitute each soundstormer’s basic toolkit.

During the soundstorming walk we will pay particular attention to the body as a whole sensory being and as a political subject. We will conduct situated listening activities for developing individual sensitivity to the nature of the city, as well as develop approaches for investigating specific social-cultural contexts and notions of public and private.

At the end of the 2 days, participants will critically present his/her documentation and the experiential data gathered during the exploration with the group.

Dates: 12-13 May , 2012
Time: 10:00 – 18:00 (each day)
Initial Meeting Point: STEIM, Achtergracht 19, 1017WL Amsterdam
Cost: €35 (payable by Paypal or credit card online, or in cash on arrival)
Maximum participants: 12

For more information and registration please visit the official workshop page at STEIM.ORG