Sina Khani

Things You Shouldn't Do

A project by Moniker -

When you search for something on Google, it finishes off your query while you're typing. For this film we typed "How not to ..." into the search bar and saved all the suggestions Google gave us into a text file. We replaced the words "How not to" for "Do not" and voila: our script!

A project by Moniker -
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Things You Shouldn't Do is the first episode of "State of the Queries", a series of videos on our online worries.

Actor: Sina Khani

Scrape date: February 13 2012

Do not write a novel.
Do not laugh at everything.
Do not get sick.
Do not forget things.
Do not hate your job.
Do not seem needy.
Do not backup iPod Touch.
Do not spread genital warts.
Do not be awkward around girls.
Do not dwell on mistakes.
Do not need a boyfriend.
Do not pay ebay invoice.
Do not dance awkwardly.
Do not do surveys.
Do not skip lines in Word 2007.
Do not be cynical.
Do not do bikur cholim.
Do not pay eBay sellers fees.
Do not swallow air when eating.
Do not escrow taxes and insurance.
Do not apologize.
Do not vote.
Do not view friends on Facebook.
Do not lag in Minecraft.
Do not sweat when nervous.
Do not spread pink eye.
Do not yawn wisdom teeth.
Do not type.
Do not stop running.
Do not knit tight.
Do not sync genius data.
Do not lead a girl on.
Do not be clingy.
Do not vomit.
Do not keep your cool.
Do not pay interest on credit cards.
Do not hit a deer.
Do not have Facebook timeline.
Do not back down from a fight.
Do not depend on others.
Do not join a union.
Do not barf when drinking.
Do not spread herpes.
Do not bruise so easily.