Indra Silar

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Migration never dies - Indra Silar

at the moment i am experimenting more with the media of good old fashioned Printmaking. seems to open up my mind for new compositions and ideas to other media's.

“The journey from music and performance to the visual and material has been an interrelated one; it has been a spiritual journey as much as an aesthetic one, building an approach to life which combines learning and sharing, seeking and discovering beauty in the most unlikely places in the world out there as well as the world within.
As an artist, she draws out the body's expressive power and its relationship to the emotional and inner voices that make each of us unique and beautiful.
It is a bold, playful, humorous, courageous and passionate relationship to creativity that finds its way in her artwork.
Indra's work is a search for beauty and the humble joy of observing the moment, than telling it again. Challenges of Transformation. Absurdities, dark corners of Humanity, all mingles into one.