Sebastiaan Hol

I am an inhabitant of the old historical town of Hoorn. Working in Dutch social security (and writing about social policy and economics). My leisure activities are photography, acting as a historical guide in my own town, writing poetry, enjoying art.


Sebastiaan - Sebastiaan (photographed bij Roy Drommel) at the art performance in neighbourhood Grote Waal, Hoorn. Sebastian recited poems, written by himself and by the famous town-poet Cornelis Putemmer (1956-2008).

Living in the old town of Hoorn, I am fascinated by the history and culture of cities through the ages. That's why I am a historical guide in my free time. I like to study history, and tell other people about it...

Another hobby is photography. And I like to write: stories, poetry and articles on social policy and economics. And I like to enjoy and hear LIVE music.

I try not to, but I often get involved with the local politics. If a tree is cut down without any reason, or the social policy is at stake, I like to let them hear my humble opinion.

And last but not least, I have a rather small fetish for boots.