W139's Barry

Weekly program in the front space of W139

11 jul 2012
15 jul 2012
  • W139
  • Warmoesstraat 139, Amsterdam

This week: Barry will be one of the venues of A Festival of Choices, organized by the Master of Fine Arts of the Sandberg Institute, showing the work of graduate student Stymir Örn Gudmundsson.


W139's Barry -

This week at Barry's

A Festival of Choices and BARRY present Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson with THE DEATH SHOW. Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson will give multiple launches of his new book The End is Near: Reflections on Death.

Program: Wed - Sun
DEATH SHOW One: Wednesday 11 July – 16:00
DEATH SHOW Two: Wednesday 11 July – 20:00
DEATH SHOW Three: Thursday 12 July – 16:00
DEATH SHOW Four: Thursday 12 July – 22:00
DEATH SHOW Five: Friday 13 July – 16:00
DEATH SHOW Six: Friday 13 July – 20:00
DEATH SHOW Seven: Saturday 14 July – 16:00
DEATH SHOW Eight: Saturday 14 July – 22:00
DEATH SHOW Nine: Sunday 15 July – 14:00
DEATH SHOW Ten: Sunday 15 July – 17:00

W139's Barry

BARRY is an independent program and space within W139, including movie nights, lectures, parties, music, one-night exhibitions, and performances, set up in collaboration with players working within different disciplines, from Amsterdam.

BARRY is open on Thursday and Saturday, at least half an hour before the event of the night starts.

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