Giorgio Andreotta Calò

In collaboration with Emanuele Wiltsch Barberio

8 sep 2012
21 okt 2012

SMART Project Space is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition in the Netherlands by Giorgio Andreotta Calò (born in Venice, Italy, and lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands). Andreotta Calò presents an immersive audiovisual installation realized in collaboration with Emanuele Wiltsch Barberio which captures the dynamic nature of time.


ZERO, Giorgio Andreotta Calò -

From sunrise to sunset

Open daily from sunrise to sunset, the exhibition and site specific installation 08.09.2012 - 21.10.2012 is a meditation on temporality and a reflection on cinematic style and convention. Time is one of the most fundamental yet ineffable aspects of human experience, as though instead of seeing the world as a series of stills, we are watching it in moving pictures.

Space and time

Using the principle of the stenoscopia, Andreotta Andreotta Calò has inserted an optical lens in the outer wall of each gallery space to project the sky and surrounding environment on the floors, intermingling outside space and inside time. In addition to this visual carpet, the temporality of sound is interwoven. Composed in collaboration with Emanuele Wiltsch Barberio, the sound piece uses the rhythms of the clock from SMART Project Spaces clock tower. The piece develops with its variations and repetitions, time stretching out in which the distorting perspectives of past and future are forgotten.

08.09.2012 - 21.10.2012

08.09.2012 - 21.10.2012 pursues how until the industrial revolution most work, not only agricultural but artisanal and even clerical, was governed by the availability of natural light and by the annual rhythm of the seasons. Time, as a result, was elastic: working days were longer or shorter through the course of the year, and the seasons imposed periods of labour and others of comparative idleness. It was more important to know it was an hour before sunset than that it was any particular number on the sundial or the clock. But as artificial lighting allowed working hours to be standardised and the efficient operation of large-scale manufacturing required such regularisation, we came to be ruled by the inelastic time of the clock.


The opening will be on 8 September 2012, from sunrise to sunset (07:04 - 20:10 hrs). Breakfast and lunch from 09:00 – 16:00 hrs at LAB111. Exhibition stays until Sunday 21 October 2012. Open from sunrise to sunset, please check our website for the daily times.
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