Test_Lab: eTextile Sweatshop

Highlights from seven days of Wearable Tech. Workshops

29 nov 2012

This edition of Test_Lab, marking the end of V2_’s week-long eTextile Sweatshop, will demonstrate how easing access to facilities and promoting the sharing of skills can stimulate innovation and good practice in the arts.


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Betsy Greer (US) | Andreas Köhler (DE) | Ebru Kurbak (TR) | Irene Posch (AT) | Po-Ting Lee (TW) | Maartje Dijkstra (NL) | Karla Spiluttini (AT) | Piem Wirtz (NL) | eTextile Workspace | Ultimaker | Snijlab | and others.


eTextiles are fabrics embedded with electronic components which aim to increase the functionality of everyday textiles and clothing. While a growing number of artists use or develop such eTextiles as part of their practice, facilities to produce textiles and electronics professionally seldom go hand-in-hand, making it difficult for artists to coordinate eTextiles creation. Eager to support artists in developing their eTextiles, V2_ is transforming its Groundfloor into a temporary sweatshop exclusively dedicated to the production of eTextiles.

V2_’s eTextile Sweatshop brings together a unique combination of equipment to facilitate the production of eTextiles. Machines typically found in textile production, such as knitting, sewing, and embroidery machines, share space with equipment common to Fablabs, such as laser cutters and 3D-printers. Besides offering artists working with eTextiles open access to the facilities, V2_ is hosting a rich and diverse workshop and master class program. In this program, leading artists, expert users, and creative communities working with eTextiles will transfer their expertise through meetings, demonstrations, and hands-on production in the eTextile Sweatshop.

Full workshop program:http://www.v2.nl/events/etextile-sweatshop

V2_’s eTextile Sweatshop is made possible with the kind support of:

kobakant.at | lca2go.eu | snijlab.nl | protospace.nl | architextiles.nl | craftivism.com | crispplatform.nl