Kunstvlaai 2012

Festival of Independents

23 nov 2012
2 dec 2012

A hosting platform for over 70 local and international artist-led initiatives, art schools and nomadic organizations of the contemporary visual arts.


Salonsurplus - Picture from Salonsurplus, who are gonna do a performance at Kunstvlaai, found at www.salonsurplus.org/

The 2012 edition, 'INexactly THIS' is a dynamic staging of exhibitions, live arts, film screenings, archival presentations, lectures and workshops.
The festival encourages qualities of speculation, collaboration and generous openness found within diverse models for self-organization, autonomous practice and the role of education in the cultural field.

Introducing INexactly THIS
We are living through an inexact time – when questions become misplaced and answers fail to emerge. While the impact of social resistances, right--wing governments and capitalist meltdown is apparent in the everyday, the long—term consequences are still to unfold. Can we form a bigger picture that marks this very particular, transitional period? Art is a mechanism to ‘make sense’ of the present, while also proposing possible futures through speculative thinking, gestural readings, and even provocations. Its hybrity of forms may enable us to compose a sensible picture for our insensible times. One that is a partial, imagined constellation, and yet addresses the common urgencies before us.

Sint Nicolaas Lyceum (former)
The new venue for Kunstvlaai 2012 edition, INexactly THIS, is the Sint Nicolaas Lyceum in Amsterdam Zuid. It is located away from the historical centre, surrounded by the lush Beatrix park and giant corporate buildings of the WTC business district. The Sint Nicolaas complex originally included the school buildings as well as a former convent and was built in the 1950s by the architects Lau Peters, Ted Peters and Ben Spängberg. Initially divided into separate Boys and Girls schools, these buildings were later combined, bringing about major architectural modifications.

More info at www.kunstvlaai.nl