Mick van Meelen


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As a child of a messed-up marriage Mick is raised with what could be called the confrontational non-method: ‘If you want to achieve anything, go do it yourself!’ Mick is a classic example of generation X, has a strong dislike for anything mediocre, and is happy that he didn’t take the blue pill. Passions: Designing and dissecting, exploring, image analyzing and above all commenting. Commenting in any possible way, on everything that can be commented upon. E-v-e-r-y-thing. Deal with the consequences later. He used to be the most flamboyant student ever (this according to the retired head of school who still mentions this). Mick has worked everywhere he wanted to work but is ultimately a freelance / entrepreneur. With the Mac as his operating system, he has easily conquered the online field of business. Above all he is happy with having met his life soulmate.