AUIW: Fab Lab Book Workshop

19 sep 2013

Lets make a book together today!

Do you have ideas that stretch the boundaries of "bookness" and an openness to learn, inspire others and share work/play?

Lets make a book together today!

The day will start in our store at 10.00 with a demonstration of the ABC fab lab for books, better known as the Espresso Book Machine (EBM). This demonstration is free and open for all: 2nd floor, White Room, Spui 12.

At 11.00 we'll walk one block to the ABC Treehouse where together we will make this year's "PICNIC in the City" book under leadership of Joke Mestdagh*

Together we'll work on preparing and formatting content, designing the cover(s), making one long pdf for the body and one other pdf for the color cover, so that it's ready to be printed on the Espresso Book Machine the next day.

Participants will get 2 copies of the PICNIC book, one to keep and one to share. Selected PICNIC speakers will receive a copy of this unique remembrance as well.


  • Bring your own laptop with software for making .pdf files (preferably open design software).
  • Please reserve your place (max 20 participants) here and let us know if you have open design software or not.
  • Cost: €10,00 payable at the door at the ABC Treehouse
  • Special Note: This workshop includes a lunch and drinks and 2 copies of the PICNIC book. Donations for leadership in the amount of "what is was worth" are welcome at day's end.

About Joke Mestdagh:
Joke Mestdagh is a visual expert with a passion for experimental print and book design. She graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 1992. Besides doing graphic design projects, she provides advice and guidance on design processes to improve the visual communication for various organisations, including ABC.

As the founder of 'nieuweklasse' she provides and organizes a diversity of workshops for design professionals.

In addition, Joke teaches graphic design at the School of Fine Art and Design AKV|Stjoost in Breda and Den Bosch. One of her student projects last year was making a book with 24 different covers, using the EBM/Fab Lab for books.

Fab Lab Book Workshop is part of the Amsterdam Urban Innovation Week 2013

What does it take to Redefine Growth on a scale that really matters? During the Amsterdam Urban Innovation Week 2013, we will try to answer this question. Together with more than 100 partners and initiatives in Amsterdam, we are challenging the different visions, beliefs, local experiences and concrete practices in the city to find new perspectives, models and ways to handle everyday life. The week is initiated by  Pakhuis de Zwijger, PICNIC, Waag Society, Amsterdam Creative Industries Centre of Expertise, Amsterdam Smart City, Gemeente Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, supported by Stimuleringsfonds voor de Creatieve Industrie.